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Slow life

From dream to reality

A tale of craftsmanship and tradition

Immerse yourself in Kebo’s shoemaking artistry: each shoe is a masterfully crafted work of art.

Craftsmanship Excellence

Kebo stands out for its excellent craftsmanship: attention to detail and material quality, ensuring a product of the highest quality and durability.

Refined Design

Elegance, style, and originality. Each model is designed to offer a unique and refined aesthetic: footwear that distinguishes itself through its visual appeal.

Technological Innovation

While honoring the artisanal tradition, Kebo embraces innovation to ensure comfort and optimal performance, merging style and functionality.

Experience and Reliability

Over the years, Calzaturificio Co.Raf has built a solid reputation as a brand of high-quality shoes, known for style, design, elegance, and class.





Our History

From inception to the present day: the merger of experience and know-how from Calzaturificio Coraf within Kebo has led to a unique combination of attention to detail, aesthetic exploration, and artisanal craftsmanship, enriched by technological innovation.

January 1

Nasce il Calzaturificio Coraf

Nasce il Calzaturificio Coraf
L’azienda nel cuore della zona calzaturiera aversana. La cura per i particolari, la ricerca e la lavorazione artigianale fanno delle nostre calzature un prodotto di assoluta qualità.
January 1

Di padre in figlio

Siamo verso la fine degli anni 70, quando le redini dell’azienda passano in mano al giovanissimo Raffaele Coscione, “nipote” e figlio d’arte e padre di Angelo, attuale direttore del Calzaturificio.
January 1

La lavorazione a cucitura Ideal

Coraf Group brevetta la lavorazione a cucitura Ideal, da sempre punto di forza del calzaturificio: le cuciture possono essere singole o doppie ed in alcuni casi anche triple.
January 1

La sinergia tra generazioni

Oggi l’azienda, continua nella tradizione calzaturiera campana, in una sinergica interpretazione tra passato e futuro grazie alla collaborazione di due generazioni: Raffaele Coscione e Angelo, suo figlio.
January 1

Premio Leone d’oro a Venezia

Premio Leone d’oro a Venezia
Angelo Coscione viene premiato per meriti professionali a Venezia, alla cerimonia della fondazione internazionale Leone d’Oro.
January 31

Nasce il brand Kebo – slow life

Nasce il brand Kebo – slow life
La Coraf group Srl acquisisce il brand Kebo, incarnando l’ideale di essere artigiani per riscoprire il valore della qualità e il piacere dell’arte creativa.
August 1

Micam 2023

Micam 2023
Dal 17 al 20 settembre 2023 saremo presenti con le collezioni PE 24, a Fiera Milano Rho in occasione del MICAM.

Guided by a passion for excellence and a continuous search for innovation, we are determined to be leaders in a future rich in style, quality, and success, always keeping alive the heritage of tradition and craftsmanship that sets us apart.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

I chose these shoes and discovered exceptional quality that far exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and the brand's established reputation make it a reliable choice for those seeking high-quality and stylish footwear.


I've just purchased a pair of shoes that stand out for their extraordinary originality. Every detail is carefully crafted to create an aesthetic that captures attention. Kebo footwear is perfect for those who want to express personality and refinement.


Kebo Shoes are a true delight for the eyes and the feet. Each pair exudes timeless elegance. I've found the perfect balance of comfort and style in my new Kebo shoes. They are a true masterpiece!